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Long Term Care Insurance Quote

Long Term Care Insurance, Long Term Health Care Insurance, California Long Term Care


Long-term care refers to a broad range of supportive medical, personal and social services needed by people who are unable to meet their basic living needs for an extended period of time. This may be caused by accident, illness or frailty. Such conditions include the inability to move about, dress, bathe, eat, use a toilet, medicate and avoid incontinence. Also care may be needed to help the disabled with household cleaning, preparing meals, shopping, paying bills, visiting the doctor, answering the phone and taking medications. Additional long-term care disabilities are due to cognitive impairment from stroke, depression, dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and so on.

Long-term care requires a healthy person to provide support for the disabled person. This support can be offered at home or in an institution. As a rule, those who are disabled prefer to stay at home and most of the time so-called informal care givers (family and friends) prefer the home as well, but the deciding factor of where to receive help ultimately centres on the nature of the disability. For example, a wife caring for her overweight husband may be unable to help him bathe, dress, use the toilet or even transfer from the bed to a chair. She will either have to hire aides to come to the home or put him in an institution. Another example might be an Alzheimer's patient who has become unmanageable and must receive constant supervision. This may be impossible at home and an Alzheimer's facility may be the only solution.

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Long Term Care Insurance Quote available for the following states in the USA: Alabama - AL, Alaska - AK, Arizona - AZ, Arkansas - AR, California - CA, Colorado - CO, Connecticut - CT, Delaware - DE, District of Columbia - DC, Florida - FL, Georgia - GA, Hawaii - HI, Idaho - ID, Illinois - IL, Indiana - IN, Iowa - IA, Kansas - KS, Kentucky - KY, Louisiana - LA, Maine - ME, Maryland - MD, Massachusetts - MA, Michigan - MI, Minnesota - MN, Mississippi - MS, Missouri - MO, Montana - MT, Nebraska - NE, Nevada - NV, New Hampshire - NH, New Jersey - NJ, New Mexico - NM, New York - NY, North Carolina - NC, North Dakota - ND, Ohio - OH, Oklahoma - OK, Oregon - OR, Pennsylvania - PA, Rhode Island - RI, South Carolina - SC, South Dakota - SD, Tennessee - TN, Texas - TX, Utah - UT, Vermont - VT, Virginia - VA, Washington - WA, West Virginia - WV, Wisconsin - WI, Wyoming - WY.


long term care insurance, long term health care insurance


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