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This site, i.e. Online Insurance Quote (http://www.oninsurancequote.com) acts only as resource directory and has no role or say in the running of any website featured or linked on our pages. We have only tried to provide information and links on insurance related subjects which we thought may be of help to you.

For insurance quotes, we have tried to provide references to multiple carriers or agents for each quote. We don't recommend any one provider in particular and it is entirely left to the users of this site to select their insurance company or agent. Further, while making payment online, it is entirely up to the user or buyer to judge the authenticity of the seller and enter into any payment transaction. We may add here that NO payment for purchase of insurance services (buying insurance) is accepted by or on this site and by clicking on a link you are taken out of this site (to the respective carrier or broker site). We only provide links to alternative quotes and you deal directly with the insurance companies or their agents. All insurance purchase related transactions are done on the site of the providers and not on our site.

It is therefore expressly stated that we don't accept any liability whatsoever in the event of any bad purchase or any payment dispute or any credit card or debit card related transaction dispute or fraud between users of this site and sellers. We would also not accept any liability with regards to coverage dispute or discrepancy or policy terms and conditions as the insurance contract is directly between YOU and the Insurance Provider or carrier. You are therefore advised to judge the insurance provider and analyze the terms and conditions of the policy before committing yourself to buy.




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